Welcome to The Evolution of Ad-Share

Crazy Ad Profits was created by a group of online marketers who, after repeatedly getting burned in unsustainable Ad-Share platforms, came together to create a profitable, safer alternative to the unsustainable model we are all so used to. After many months of brainstorming, number crunching and sleepless nights the idea for the unprecedented CAPS platform was born. Take your place in the evolution of Ad-Share today, Join Crazy Ad Profits Now!
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The Solution & Evolution!

Our objective was to find solutions to the negatives that cause all standard Ad-Share platforms to fail. By introducing stability and unique control features, we believe CAPS is not only the solution but the evolution of Ad-Share.

Our Income Guarantee

Unlike standard ad-share platforms CAPS has been designed in a way that allows us to “Guarantee” that your earned income will be paid no matter what, this means that even if sales were to stop tomorrow you would still be paid what you are owed.

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An Unprecedented System

CAPS boast a unique Point Based Binary Control System that puts us head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to profitability and safety. Our unique system allows us to guarantee your profit as soon as you unlock the binary block. Standard Ad-Share platforms work on a new sales basis, this means that if sales stop, the platform will close and you will lose everything in your packs. Our Unique system locks revenue to you the minute you unlock the blocks, meaning you will never lose the volume in your packs.

Unlike standard Ad-Share platforms we allow you to withdraw your unpaid revenue share if you choose to. There are a lot of reasons why CAPS is being called the Ad-Share Evolution. Join the Evolution, start building your binary blocks Today.

Global Member Council

CAPS is the only platform to have an international member council, every three months a new member council will be voted in by the CAPS membership base. It is the CAPS Council that will make most of the important decisions.

Internet Marketing Tools

CAPS is the only Ad-Share platform to provide its members with all the tools it needs to market online. As a CAPS member, you will get access to a third-party marketing tools platform to help you promote more effectively online.


When it comes to security we have you covered, not just online but in your pocket, we use Cloudflare to protect the platform from malicious attacks and our binary control system guarantees your profits are secure.


Founders Get Lifetime Membership and 25% Discount 'Check our PDF for More Info.'