About us - Story of our business

Crazy Ad Profits is a by-product of countless failed Ad-Share platforms! As a group between 2015 -2016 we joined nine individual Ad-Share platforms, by early 2017 all but one had failed. Our Combined losses in these platforms exceeded $35,000.

As a group our objective was to create a profitable, but more importantly, safe Ad-Share platform where people could focus on advertising their business to like minded people without the worry of losing all the revenue they have built up in their ad-packs.

After many months of brainstorming, number crunching and sleepless nights the idea for the unprecedented Crazy Ad Profits platform was born.

Since then we have focused on developing a user-friendly platform that delivers traffic and revenue to our users.

Given that the CAPS platform is such a powerful platform created by a group of individual and international marketers we decided to incorporate it under the name of Titan Marketing Solutions Limited. An offshore company in Belize was chosen to protect both the platform and its members’ interests moving forward.

You will find a scanned copy of our certificate of incorporation below.

The CAPS platform has been designed from the ground up to be everything that standard Ad-Share platforms are not. The entire CAPS platform will be controlled by the member council that will be voted into power every three months by other platform members. We believe a member council creates an almost decentralised administration team.

This model gives more power and transparency to the membership base.

We believe if we are going to be everything that standard Ad-Share platforms are not then we need to put more control in the hands of the members.