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CAPS Affiliate Reward System


The Crazy Ad Profits (CAPS) affiliate reward system has been designed to be unique, powerful and fair for all affiliate members. More importantly the CAPS affiliate reward system was designed as a safer alternative to the unethical and unsustainable ad-share & revenue-sharing platforms.

All commissions and bonuses paid to affiliates are derived directly from the sale of our traffic, advertising services and “optional” membership subscriptions.

There is no requirement to be an affiliate, if you wish to be an advertiser only, please select this option during the registration process.






Crazy Ad Profits “IS NOT” an “Ad-Share” or “Revenue Sharing” Platform!




CAPS is a unique, community driven advertising platform for internet and network marketers.


The CAPS affiliate reward system operates a 2 x 2 binary matrix, we call this the “binary accounting system” (BAS).

An affiliate must be qualified to earn from the binary accounting system. To be qualified you must have 2 active members / advertisers on the two positions, frontline to your binary position.



Each member can only have two personally referred frontline referrals, every referral after your 2nd will be passed down to fill the next available position in the binary accounting system.


Pass Down Referrals

A pass down referral is an adopted binary position, if you personally refer more than 2 members “who do not fall on your two-frontline binary positions” those members will be passed down to fill the next available position in the binary tree.

It is important to remember that you will only earn 10% direct sales commission from personal referrals that have fallen on your 2 frontline binary positions.

The owner of the position “directly above” a passed down referral in the binary will become the adoptive sponsor of the newly passed down referral.

It is possible to qualify for binary block commissions if your two frontline positions are filled by passed down referrals. Being the receiver of 2 passed down referrals is in no way guaranteed, as our affiliate membership base increases, the chances of qualifying with 2 passed down referrals will become less likely.

You should not be persuaded to join the CAPS platform on the promise of qualifying with 2 “passed down” referrals. Pass down referrals have been designed to “help” less experienced affiliates to qualify and also to force referrers to support their downline affiliates.

We advise you not to expect to earn anything from the efforts of others on the CAPS platform. The only guaranteed way to earn direct sales commission and binary block rewards is by personally referring your own paying customers/ affiliates to the platform.



Direct Sales Commission

If you fill any of your two frontline positions in your binary tree with “personal” direct referrals you will earn 10% direct sales commission on the purchases made by these members. You can only earn 10% “direct sales commission” from the two frontline positions in your binary, and only if they are personally referred by you.


Team Building Bonus

You will earn 5% team building bonus on the purchases made by any of your passed down referrals. There is no limit to how much you can earn in team building bonuses.


Starter Pack Direct Sales Commission

You will earn 10% direct sales commission on all starter packs purchased by your personally referred members, regardless of where they are placed in your binary tree.


Ad Credit Packs

Each $10 ad pack contains 100 website advertising credits and 1 binary block key.


Starter Packs

Starter packs cost $70 each (50% discount available if referred by an active affiliate), starter packs include lifetime membership, 700 advertising credits and 7 binary block keys. A starter pack purchase is a one-time membership upgrade that never expires.

A starter pack is an entirely optional membership upgrade and is not required to access any platform features.

Members who do not purchase a starter pack can earn $11 per binary block and those who do purchase a starter pack can earn $12 per binary block. Advertisers who purchase a starter pack will get $1 discount on each ad pack they purchase.


Binary Blocks

Binary blocks are the core income feature of our affiliate reward plan, each binary block contains $12 of sales commission and one free advertising pass.  Binary blocks and virtual products are locked and require a key to be opened. (please see binary block keys below, for more information)

A new binary block is created each time you achieve a 14 points balance in your binary accounting system. Each time you have 14 points on the left side and 14 points on the right side of your binary tree a locked binary block is placed into your affiliate back office.



If you have an active block key, you can unlock the binary block and release up to $12 commission. You can opt for instant payments of up to $11.40 or you can opt to receive up to $12 via delayed payments of up to $0.24 per binary block, per day, for up to 50 days.

The amount that you earn per binary block with both instant and delayed payments depends on whether you have purchased a starter pack or not. For example, if you have purchased a starter pack and you opt for instant payment you would earn $11.40, alternatively if you have not purchased a starter pack you would earn $10.40, daily payments would be adjusted accordingly.


Important Information

  • You must view at least 12 full website ads per day, for a minimum of 10 seconds each to qualify for your daily binary reward payments, this will be tracked by the system.
  • Your 2 frontline binary positions must be filled to be qualified for binary block rewards.
  • You must allocate your advertising credits to a campaign before the 28th of each month. Unallocated credits are flushed monthly on this date. This is to prevent any member from suddenly monopolizing the advertising platform with accumulated advertising credits.
  • There are no limits on the number of ad-packs that you can purchase individually, there are however limits on the mega packs you can purchase, this is simply to protect members from rogue up-line referrers.
  • There are no limits on how many binary blocks you can receive as long as you have the sales activity in your network to generate them.


Free Advertising Passes / Trials

A free advertising pass allows affiliates to invite a new prospective member to the platform and give them 500 free advertising credits. Each time a new member accepts the advertising pass, registers a new account and makes a purchase, the referring affiliate will receive one free binary block key.


Binary Block Keys

Binary block keys can be used to unlock binary blocks and most digital products (coming soon), alternatively each key can also be exchanged for 50 website advertising credits.

  • Each ad pack contains 1 binary block keys
  • Viewing 200 websites for 10 seconds earns you a binary block key
  • Introducing a new active referral will earn you a binary block key
  • Mega packs contain up to 833 binary block keys (please see mega packs)
  • External widget publishers can earn 10 free binary block keys per week (see external widget info)


Free Block Keys

You can generate a free binary block key by viewing 200 full website ads for 10 seconds each.


Binary Points Allocation

Each ad pack purchased creates 8 binary points, each starter pack purchased creates 30 binary points, as an affiliate your points are counted down through infinite levels.


Mega Packs

Mega packs are designed to offer better value for money for members, mega packs can only be purchased by members who have first purchased a starter pack.



To protect members from unethical referrers you must meet certain requirements before being allowed to purchase each mega pack. If you do not have the required number of referrals or the downline member volume needed, the pack purchase will be locked. Mega pack locks are designed to prevent unethical referrers from encouraging new members to purchase more expensive mega packs to achieve higher direct sales commission payments.


The Three-Wallet System

The three-wallet system has been designed to protect members from unethical referrers. In many advertising platforms, referrers will encourage you to keep purchasing more ad packs.  This allows them to earn more sales commission each time you buy an ad pack. Our three-wallet system has been designed to make sure that you withdraw "at least” 30% of your affiliate earnings.


The Cash Wallet: All your personal deposits and 55% of all your commissions will be paid into this wallet, you can withdraw anything that is held in this wallet, at any time, including any un-spent personal deposits. You can transfer funds from this wallet to your “withdrawal wallet” at any time.


The Pack Credit Wallet: 15% of all your earned commissions will be paid into this wallet, the funds in this wallet can be used for purchasing new ad packs. The funds in this wallet can be transferred to your withdrawal wallet at any time.


The Withdrawal Wallet: 30% of all your commissions will be paid into this wallet, you must withdraw the money in this wallet. You cannot transfer the funds in this wallet to any other wallet.

You can withdraw 100% of your earnings at any time if you wish, the three-wallet system has been designed to protect affiliates and force them to withdraw at least 30% of their earnings and avoid affiliates being encouraged to purchase more ad packs by unethical referrers.



External Widget Publisher Bonus

Unlike other unethical advertising platforms, we do not provide closed loop advertising, our external banner advertising is provided via our embeddable advertising widget. Currently this widget is live and active on more than 5,000 external pages online.

Members who choose to embed our external widget on their website can receive up to10 bonus binary block keys per week (conditions apply). Currently our external widget only allows for banner advertising but we are currently working on a “pop under” script that will enable us to deliver external full website views.


Banner Advertising Credits

Banner advertising is one the least effective forms of advertising online, we choose not to sell banner advertising credits, but allow members to get them for free. Our banner advertising works on a 50 to1 traffic exchange type system. For every full website ad that you view for 10 seconds you will receive 50 free banner ad credits. These banner ad credits can be applied to your banner adverts that will display impressions both on the CAPS platform and via our external embeddable widget.


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