Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any queries about CAPS then please use our Support Section.

Ans: The number of binary blocks made available to you will depend on the volume of sales and binary points in your binary tree, below your binary position.

Ans: No, the free trial allows you to test the effectiveness of our website traffic. You do not get a binary position or receive blocks until you are a paid active member.

Ans: There are no limits on the number of Ad Packs you can purchase; it will depend on how much traffic you want to send to your primary website.

Q4: I am a Founder Member why am I paying full price for packs?

Ans: Founder Members are entitled to 25% discount on packs, this is done by giving 2 Binary Block Keys for every Ad-Pack purchased by a Founding Member. This actually equates to around 50% discount on a per key basis.

Ans: No, we have a 100% no sponsor change rule, please be sure you sign up under the correct sponsor.

Ans: You can promote into any country where it is legal to do so, you should not promote into markets where network business models are illegal, for example, China.

Ans: You should not make any deposit that is beyond your means or buy more advertising than you need. We do not condone any member getting into debt to use our platform.

Ans: Your sponsor can only have 2 personal referrals so it is possible that your sponsor will pass down 1 or 2 referrals to you helping you qualify.

Ans: No, you need 2 referrals to qualify for binary points but you can start earning sales commission from your first referral as an affiliate.

Ans :CAPS has been designed to be a fair platform where anyone can succeed. Allowing only 2 direct referrals forces you to support your downline and creates the binary points you need.

Ans: No, if you ‘give away’ 1 or 100 members then you will receive a 5% sales commission each time any of the ‘give away’ referrals purchase an advertising package.

Ans: The success of one member should not be considered to be typical results. If you are a good marketer then it is possible to make decent profits, but it is not guaranteed.

Ans: We only allow one account per IP address, anyone caught stacking will have their account and any connected accounts closed. It is not profitable to stack accounts in CAPS.

Ans: Yes, you can qualify with only pass down referrals. You will earn 5% sales commission from the pass down referrals.

Ans: Commission/Revenue share runs daily at around 8 pm server time.

Ans: We do not have any withdrawal limits, the caps platform runs on real revenue so there is no need for withdrawal limits.

Ans: Withdrawals are paid out once per week on a Friday. Once weekly is easier for us to manage.

Ans: Yes: A number of our members display our adverts on their websites and blogs. We will also be developing an external website portfolio to display our members’ ads on.

Ans: Yes many leaders often hold live events, we will be present at some events, and please let us know if you are planning a live event.

Ans: No, we do not operate a company; we are a group of individuals and for personal and job security we wish to remain anonymous.

Ans: We know first-hand how it feels to be cheated by online platforms. We have no desire or motivation to cheat anyone. Our reputation will speak for itself, payments will always be on time if there is a delay you will be notified.

Ans: We will be exploring external revenue sources as the platform becomes established.

Ans: Even though we are not a company we are running a platform and we have to know who our customers are.

Ans: No, knowing the owners of other failed revenue shares made no difference to us, we still lost money. The difference is that the CAPS model works, standard revenue share models don’t work.

Ans: You should first contact your referrer; if it is a platform problem such as a missing deposit you should send an internal support ticket or email .